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Pyroco WP

Fire retardant intumescent lacquer

The Pyroco WP offers a clear coating; suitable for upgrading new and already coated timber and wood related surfaces &Bamboo to BS476: Part 6 & 7, Class 0 & 1, UK Building Regulations. Pyroco ENW is a water-based product for use externally and internally.

Finish: White,Dark grey,Light grey,Brown
Flashing: Matt,Satin

Who need to use Pyroco ENW ? 

Pyroco ENW is a single component water-borne intumescent coating available in colour. Pyroco ENW has been used world-wide to limit the effects of heat and flame from fire on to surfaces. Typical examples include timber sub-flooring in passenger carrying vehicles, also timber hoarding or staging on construction sites in confined or underground location. Timber board anchoring with electrical cables and devices.

Why we need Pyroco ENW on wood surface?
Pyroco ENW form a thick stable carbon char layer which is a fire effective insulated substance. It can retard fire spreading and propagation, so as to minimal the fire risk or stop happening a fire.

Pyroco WP Fire retardant intumescent lac
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