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Founded in 1998 , Vica international Co., Ltd. has been providing a full range of fire-resistant building materials to Hong Kong’s leading contractors and real-estate developers.

Our flagship collections have undergone extensive testing according to different global  standards (BS476, BSEN 1634, AS 1530 · 4 and more…) to ensure robust smoke control and fire retardant solutions, certified to fulfil international fire safety requirements.

Over the years, we have modified our products by adding soundproofing and eco-friendly features along with excellent craftsmanship in our bespoke fire door and door sets. We hope all these efforts serve one purpose of keeping a perfect balance between style and utility.

Wide-ranging options at equitable prices and professional consulting services are what sustained our business for 20+ years. The spirit of constantly revising and improving our services has helped us to remain competitive in the ever-changing market, and this process is guaranteed to go on. 

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