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Ronseal  Kunos Natural Oil Sealer No.244

Range of application

For solid timber on the interior, such as furniture, windowsills and floor and for OSB boards. Limited use on veneer and Multiplex. Not suitable for plywood and other fine fibre glued wood derived material, or cabinet interiors.


Technical qualities

Transparent, high gloss, water resistant according to German Industrial Standard DIN 68 861 part 1, open-pored. Produces a protective surface film after applying 2-3 coats. KUNOS white preserves the natural wood tone on light timber.DIN 53 160 certified for color fastness when exposed to perspiration and saliva. Also DIN EN 71 part 3 certified as suitable for toys.


Application method

With a brush,spreading with an applicator made of solvent-resistant synthetic or rubber, spraying, dipping, cloth, or machine applications at temperatures above 12℃. Burnish in the third coat.


Restores natural look of wood

Certified by German standards

Natural ingredients

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