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Cotswold Eco Shed & Fence Preserver is a penetrating, Water Based micro emulsion Preserver for the waterproofing and reservation of rough sawn timber. Cotswold Eco Shed & Fence Preserver is a available in a range of traditional wood colours manufactured using quality pigments which helps user easily control to have an effective covering and to which provide excellent fungi and woodworm resistant. The product is complied to BS 1282(Guidance on  choice, use and application) And approved by Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK.

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✔ User Friendly

✔ Eco  Friendly

✔ It works  perfectly

✔ Cotwold Eco Shed & Fence  Preserver is ideal for  use  on timber as sheds and fences; sub-frame; mirror backing board molding plywodd board, molding board..etc

Prevent wood rot Prevent larval growth


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