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Cotswold  Eco Liquid Nails

ECO liquild nail is a low odour, high bond strength, gap-filling adhesive. It has excellent wet grab, but with ample open time for positioning, and the quick dry formula rapidly develops high strength.When dry it is sandable and overpaintable, and adheres to most building and construction materials including polystyrene. For interior use on rough, smooth, vertical or horizontal surfaces. Non flammable. It tested to BSEN 1348 : 2007. “Initial tensile adhesive strength” 

✔ Strongest gripping as nail.

✔ Water based formula-quick drying/high early bond strength.

✔ Excellent adhesion / bond strength - adheres to most common surfaces.

✔ Exceptional early grab properties - usable in both vertical and horizontal positions.

✔ High solids formulation - excellent gap filling properties.

✔ Suitable for use where both surfaces are non-porous.

✔ Minimize hammering.

✔ Minimize damaging the surface of substract.

✔ Specific fastenings is not required.

✔ No adversity to users’health.

Building and renovation industry inevitable choice

Professional nail-free adhesive

*According to Hong Kong Environmental Protection Ordinance 311

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